February 12, 2013

Weekly Want #26

Dress - Miss Selfridge £79
If I was the kind that did Valentines, then THIS is what I would wear to a romantic dinner for two. Isn't it beautiful? I'd have to skip on the red wine though...

February 11, 2013

We could move beyond these walls

Top - Primark, Collar - From a website that's closed down now, Skirt JW Anderson for Topshop, Boots - Topshop via eBay

The more I look at my hair, the worse it looks, eurgh. I really should have given it another bleaching before just whacking the blue on but being the impatient idiot I am.. it does look better in person I promise it just hasn't photographed well :(

I absolutely adore this skirt but I've got naff all that will go with it, any ideas??

Change is on the horizon again, I'm off to go view a house again (this time with my boyfriend, fingers crossed he likes it) and hopefully we'll get it. I've already got my eye on the attic room, it's got a whole wall of built in wardrobes. It'll be like having a massive changing room eep :)