July 31, 2012

You're always falling off the fence that way

I've been lusting after this for so long, after Topshop stopped selling their cheek tint stick in Luminescent I've been searching for a replacement. Having struggling to find anything in any high street range of make-up so decided to treat myself when this came up on buyapowa. 

So far I'm very impressed, it really does just that just, well *a-hem*, you know what flush I'm talking about! The product is the right amount of sparkle and colour and the texture is beautiful and doesn't slide off your face as you'd imagine with a cream stick. 

Anyone tried any other Nars products, any must have items for my make up box?

Fashion Find #2

Zoom image
Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Heels -£55 Office

I think most people have lusted over the Campbell 'Lita' but I'm more of a fan of the 'Foxy' can't beat a platform peep toe in my opinion. These are only £55 in office at the moment along with a range of other colours, I'm torn between getting these and saving my money for the spiked variety. Once payday comes I'll decide what to do and I'm spending the weekend in a tent so I can't be too tempted to part with my cash :)
You can find all the sale items here it also includes a few of the Lita design. Happy shopping! 

July 25, 2012

Weekly Want #24

Leggings - Romwe £20.14

I've always struggling finding leggings that I really, really like but I've managed to find loads of amazing printed ones on Romwe that don't look ridiculous. There's some amazing swan print and galaxy print ones that I'm lusting after and most are under £20 a pair, not bad!

July 22, 2012

We could drive until the Earth would open

Top - Topshop
I'm not entirely sold on this top yet, I love the lace peek-a-boo cross but at the same time I don't as you can see my undies! So thick tights or leggings are most definitely needed with this unless I want everyone to see my derrière. I am feeling khaki right now though, I've managed to find a lovely vintage oversized army jacket which I'm basically living in right now but it looks great over all my girlie dresses that I'm uming and ahing over in my wardrobe.
Might do a blog sale soon, I have so many clothes I've barely worn or haven't worn at all, you guys like blog sales or is eBay easier?

It's a nice day for a white wedding

Thought I'd share some pictures from my cousins wedding last week, she looks beautiful doesn't she? She had such a traumatic week ahead of the big day, the hotel they'd booked for the reception went into liquidation and didn't tell them, how awful is that? At least have the decency to tell your customers what's happened! So they had 4 days to find a new venue so a big thank you to Lumb Farm for accommodating the wedding at such short notice!

My dress was from a branch of Rare clothing called Cocos Fortune which you can find here

July 18, 2012

Fashion Find #1

Everyone loves a bargain, right? So I've decided to pick one steal each week and share it with you all. I'm sure everyone has lusted after a pair of Topshop boots at some point, I had my eyes on a pair just like the ones below which were priced at £120 in Topshop but I managed to snag a pair on eBay for about £70 but here's an exact copy on ASOS by a brand called Blink for just £58 - bargain!


July 17, 2012

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve

Dress - Romwe
I got this dress agesssss ago but never got round to photographing it. I absolutely love it, white floral embroidery and pastel colours peeking through, what more could a girl want?

Need some advice on the hair, does a centre parting suit me or not?! I always try it out at least once a year but I'm never sure about it, might keep it for more than the usual four days to see if it grows on me.

I finally got round to doing lots of outfit photos too today, can't believe I put off buying a tripod for so long! Whilst I'm asking for advice - can anyone recommend a wireless remote for a Canon 1100d? The one I recently bought doesn't work :( thank-you muchly!

July 15, 2012

Weekly Want #23

Customised Levis - £40 The Pretty Junk
I stumbled across The Pretty Junk when blog browsing and found these babies in their store, they do quite a range of customised Levis, mostly with patterned pockets rather than covered in studs. I would definitely be purchasing these had I just not bought these, maybe next payday although I'd love these for Y Not festival...

I want you to want me

Lipstick - Topshop in 'Tease'
I haven't blogged in over a week AGAIN. Grrr really need to sort my sleeping pattern out so I actually have time to blog. 
I got this lipstick a good while ago but totally forgot I'd photographed it (is it just me that finds taking pictures of lips the most awkward thing ever?!) I do love topshop lipsticks, they're good quality and long wearing even though they're a little more expensive than most high street brands.
Just got back from my cousins wedding and I'm shattered but can't sleep, yet again! I'll blog a few pictures later this week. 

July 07, 2012

Tonight I'm going to cut it out and then restart

Look what I finally went and did, I got inked! I know it's tiny (and a little scabby now I'll admit) but now I've started myself off I'm ready for my next one, which is something I spent a little more time deciding on. Once I've got it drawn up I'll share it with you, just need some one artistic to do it for me, my artistic skills are a little rusty ;)

Weekly Want #22

Necklace - Dixi £12 
So, I'm finally back! All tanned *cough*freckly*cough* from a week in the sun and thrown straight back into work, it's a hard life! 
This little beauty is from Dixi, I mentioned my love for their jewellery before and they've added a new 'Dreamer' range which is stunning, I must own at least one piece even though I actually want it all.
Isn't the weather hideous right now? Just booked tickets for Y Not festival in August and hoping it'll clear up for then, feel for anyone at T in the park getting drenched right now. Anyone got any festivals planned for the rest of 'Summer'?  
Also be prepared for more outfit posts, finally order a tripod and remote (which came today and doesn't work, boo) so I can actually take pictures :)