June 23, 2012

I've been saving myself for you

Image - Google
I do apologise about the awful swatch and the fact there are no pictures of me wearing the lipstick but my lips are so un-photogenic it's unreal. 
Anyway, I treated myself to this after finally finding out the exact shade Vanessa Paradis is wearing in the ad campaign (117 Magnolia ) isn't she one stunning human being, by the way?! The lady in Boots imformed me that they'd only just got the shade back in stock and that it sells quickly which meant I HAD to buy it - my credit card sobbed a little, trust me.
It's one of the most beautiful lipsticks I own and definitely worth the cash, if there's one thing I splash out on these days it's lipstick. I'm still yet to find that perfect one for dry lips though, this one's pretty close though.

Sweet & Sour

Soooo I managed to not buy anything the first time looking through the Topshop sale and even stopped myself ordering online but I caved today (I went in hoping to find a sun hat!) Picture heavy post, but here's what I got :)

Crop top - £15, Dinosaur top - £12, Short - £18
All jewellery from Freedom priced £3.25 - £6.25 
I'll be packing all this stuff in my suitcase in one days time and I'm thinking of throwing the Dinosaur tee on for the flight, it's nice and long and baggy as it's a large so I'll be comfy. I'm so excited I'm literally bouncing off the walls. Show me the Sun!!!

June 18, 2012

This time I'm not gonna lose any momentum

All jewellery - Miss Selfridge 
I snagged all the above in Miss Selfridges' sale at half price, £11.25 for the lot! Been very lucky when it comes to sale jewellery at the moment, these are all pieces I've had my eye on but had to stop myself upon looking at the price tag. 

I'm so excited to go on holiday next week, I'll be in the sun this time next week, eeeeee!
Work has calmed down a lot as well now, I've working just under 40 hours instead of just under 60 a week, so I have some time to myself and time to blog, finally. Hopefully I'll get a few posts up before I go away adn get back into regular posts :)

P.S I want ALL of the jewellery from Dixi if you haven't checked it out DO IT!

June 11, 2012

Weekly want #21

Mickey Mouse print dress - ASOS £22
I'm so in love with this print and I've actually just purchased this as it's only £17.50 right now, bargain!
I'm super excited right now as in just 2 weeks I'll be on a plane headed to Corfu for some sunshine, yay! Think I may do a post on what I'm packing, might help me with decisions on what to take as well, I've not bought a lot of new stuff as most of last years holiday clothes didn't get worn due to the weather and the fact I didn't get to go on a holiday in the end, plus it's only a week long so no need to over pack really!

June 08, 2012

Recent Purchases #2

I've been an awful blogger at the moment.. 12 hour shifts aren't that easy to work around and my few days off have been jam packed. Managed to get a little shopping done whilst in Birmingham on Wednesday before I got to see the awesome Maximo Park, best gig of my life, I'd seriously recommend you get tickets for their November tour! 

I treated myself to a few bits from Topshop, finally found a crop top that doesn't look ridiculous on me and fits quite well and got the swan print dress I'd been after online but had sold out, luckily they had an abundance of size 10's in the Bullrings' Topshop.

I also got myself a beautiful dress for my cousins wedding which you can find here or in selected Topshop branches, I can't wait to wear it, need some suggestions for footwear though, it's a little too long and I don't want to be getting stilettos stuck on the hem all day so I'm thinking wedges perhaps? Send your suggestions my way please!