September 25, 2012

As a known enemy

T-shirt - H&M, Skirt - Primark, Cardi - vintage, Jacket - vintage, Shoes -Topshop
I've been meaning to show this jacket off for ages but better late than never I guess?! I wore this last week to basically just sit at peoples houses and drink tea until I had to work (glamorous life I lead, not!). This skirt really doesn't get worn enough  and it was a Primark bargain but, I'll be wearing it like this again, kinda casual grunge?!

I'm off for a potter round The East Midlands designer outlet today in the hope of picking up some Motel bargains and some Body shop goodies and to cheer me up before work! Retail therapy works. Trust me.

September 22, 2012

Farewell to the fairground

All Topshop
I'm probably not the only one unsure about peplum tops, right? But after finally trying one on I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. This is more grown up compared to my usual style and I think this would make a lovely interview outfit or office wear. Of course I had to have it in my favourite autumn hue - burgundy.

I've not been feeling too great this week, being ill and having major career issues have just taken it out of me. I really need to get into a positive frame of mind but I'm really struggling at the moment. I had such a great weekend for my birthday last week and now it's been overshadowed by doom and gloom. 

September 14, 2012

I had a way then, losing it all on my own

Dress - Missguided, Bag - Primark, Blue shoes - Topshop,  Green shoes - New look
I'm having a shoe dilemma! Which pair should I wear for birthday celebrations tomorrow night?! I thought I was feeling the green but I do love my blue spiked heels!
I'm really pleased with how little I've managed to spend on this outfit the dress is from Missguided and only set me back £33.99 and this bargainous bag I got for just £6! I've been after a studded one for ages as well.
I'm about to have an early night as me and the girls are headed to Drayton manor in the morning then hitting Nottingham for the evening, very excited and a little less frightened of the number 22 than I was previous. 

September 13, 2012

Anything could happen

Dress - Primark £15
 So I have returned! I guess I ended up taking a little blog break and it's done me a hella good. It certainly hasn't curbed my spending but I'm taking a fresher look at it now, I'll be working a lot harder on the content and the layout from now on.
A little life update - I'm currently moving out of my parents home and into my grandmas old house so I'll living independently soon, how exciting! Also I've met a wonderful boy (part of the reason I abandoned blogging for a while - he takes up most of my time!) it's really crazy when you find exactly what you wanted when you weren't even looking for it and I'm beyond happy that I have. He's turning me into a hopeless romantic too, never have I ever thought I'd see the day!
Anyway onto this lovely dress, I picked it up in Primark  for a measly £15, I also picked up another dress and a playsuit but forced myself to put them back! I'm loving maxi dresses and skirts for Autumn - great for the transitional period between (the 5 minutes of) Summer and Autumn.
Expect to hear more from me soon and a blog sale update!