September 28, 2011

Nails, Nails, Nails

Today I got a little too excited about a post from Models Own on my facebook feed (the only good thing on my facebook feed, mind, but that's a whole other topic...) They're launching a collection called 'Beetlejuice' in early November and they are AMAZING, see for yourself.

L-R Golden Green, Pinky Brown, Purple Blue, Aqua Violet, Emerald Black

I'll admit the names aren't too imaginative compared to their other polishes (such as Juicy Jules, Raspberry Crush, Emerald City) but aren't they striking?! The middle three are just gorgeous, I'll definitely be buying them! Models Own are fast becoming a favourite of mine, their bold colours and variety match and probably outdo my trustworthy favourite, Barry M.

I'm also hoping that they bring out a range of magnetized polishes that we're seeing cropping up, Nails Inc's offering are lovely but I begrudge spending £13 on one nail varnish even if it is a special one! So instead I'm waiting on my nearest larger Boos Branch to stock the 17 magnetized nail varnishes, if you haven't seen them, check them out here. An absolute steal at £5.99, four colours and it's included in the 3 for 2 offer at the moment, I can't wait to try them!

September 25, 2011

Weekly Want #1

That time of year is upon us again, the time to purchase a new coat! It's not turned too cold just yet but, I think it's best to be prepared just in case we get a freak snow storm (it could happen!). So here's my pick; a beautiful camel coloured coat from Ark (the brand is Miss Real) which I think will go with all the lovely autumnal colours we're seeing at the moment and a colour and style like this will last a good few seasons so you'll get your monies worth and with it being priced at just £59.99 I think it's quite a good deal. The leopard print brings a little added extra to it aswell, I love coats that have collars like this or a nice fur trim round the hood or a checkered lining! I haven't seen it in my local ark yet so if they don't get it in I'll risk ordering it online. I can be anything from a size 6 - 10 depending on the brand and style of coat and there's nothing worse than a coat that's too tight.

Today has gone far too quickly already! Time to carry on cleaning (I'm having a mass clear out, I'm such a hoarder it's unbelievable!) and carry on with my knitting, I'll show you the finished piece when the time comes!

September 18, 2011

Nails for breakfast, Tacks for snacks.

Base colour - 17 @ Boots Fury, Spots - Barry M 136
Models Own - Juicy Jules, Barry M - Bright Purple (303)
Barry M - Pure Turquoise (295)

Ring - Miss Selfridge (£10)

I was hoping to do a piece on the jumpsuit I got delivered from Miss Selfridge yesterday, however it wasn't as I expected so it's being sent back! Never mind.. I also got the 'ring' in the above photo (not sure if it's got a more technical name?!) it is quite a statement piece of jewellery but I think I can pull it off with a simple outfit.

I'm off work at the moment which means I can have my nails painted, yay! So the first picture is my first attempt at Leopard nails! I really just wanted to try out the new 17 nail varnish i got, which you can get here, and it's really great, went on nice and didn't chip all that easily which isn't bad for £2.99. I've also purchased the 'Peacock' colour as well and that's a lovely iridescent green/blue. I only really bought the varnish so i could get a free lipstick with it as well (Shine on in 'Flirty') and it's the perfect colour for me, a dusky pink, exactly what I've been searching for :) There was a little confusion in boots when I went to pay for my items however, apparently the lip stick shouldn't have come free with nail varnish even though the voucher stated 'free with any 17 cosmetic purchase'. Turns out nail varnish isn't a cosmetic according to boots... anyway, after over-riding the till I thought the lady had sorted it all out, but she'd put the purchase through as a 3 for 2 offer, putting through 2 lipsticks and 1 nail varnish. So I got the nail varnish for free, but somehow only charged for one lipstick. All the wrong way round?! Might not seem like a big deal but the lipstick was nearer £5 than the £2.99 price of the nail varnish. After a bit of complaining to someone else I managed to get the difference back but I haven't got the foggiest what they were doing! Also, am I the only one in thinking that nail varnish is a cosmetic?! Or is it in it's own category?! I'll post some pictures later to show you what the lipsticks like (maybe I'll do a whole post on my favourites?)

Hopefully I'll be sorting myself out with a decent camera sometime soon, so I can do some 'Outfit' posts. In the meantime I'll be stealing my parents camera ;)

And one final thing! I'm on Instagram (as you can probably tell from the edited photos) if you want to follow me, feel free, @rebecca_jayne


September 17, 2011

She's like cold coffee in the morning..

So, here's my Models Own haul post! I'll be honest, I wasn't all to adventurous with my purchases! I already own loads of bright Barry M nail varnish so I went along the route of either sparkly or iridescent as most of my nail varnishes are matte and really bold, bright colours.

I purchased Green Tea, Smash up silver, Juicy Jules, Dusty Mauve, Mystic Mauve. I also received the Gun Grey nail varnish even though I didn't order it (I'd ordered some of the powder eyeshadow in 'Deep Mauve')but the item I did order got sent out to me quite quickly so I was impressed with that! As a bonus I got to keep the nail varnish too!

We'll start with 'Green Tea', this is a lovely bold green in the bottle but when put on nails it goes horribly matte and dull, was hoping it would have a nice shiny finish but was quite disappointed. Hopefully it'll be good for doing some nail art with (I'm thinking strawberries and watermelons XD) and with a coat of clear vanish over the top.

My favourites are defo Juicy Jules (so sparkly!) and Mystic Mauve, this is lovely and sparkly too! I've got Mystic Mauve on my toes at the moment and it looks great, hasn't chipped one bit either :)

Gun Grey is a lovely colour if you're not too sure about really dark nail varnish, breaks you in well as it's a little sparkly so it's more a dark silvery/grey. I think I'm going to wear it tonight with my hot pink playsuit :)

Now, on to the 'Smash up Silver', I've got a think against these smash up nail varnish. I think they should be called chipped up, cos that's what it looks like you've been doing to your nails! I thought I'd give this one a try, despite my reservations, as it was metallic and not a block colour and it did give a nice effect over the 'Gun Grey' varnish. Not sure  I'll be using this often but it's something I could introduce into my nail art I guess. 

Above Green Tea, Gun Grey, Smash up silver, Juicy Jules, Dusty Mauve, Mystic Mauve

Above: Dusty Mauve, Juicy Jules, Gun Grey, Mystic Mauve

Above L-R: Gun Grey, Dusty Mauve, Green Tea, Mystic Mauve, Juicy Jules

I also purchased the peach blush blusher, which again I'm not all too keen on. With being so pale I suit a flush of pink better than peachy tones. But, it's ok on me if I keep it to a minimal! The deep mauve eye powder I got separately (seeing as they missed it off my order!) is just sparkly enough to be noticed but not too much that it blinds everyone. It's a lovely deep purple that looks great against blue eyes, like my own :)

Overall, I'm quite impressed with the quality of Models Own and the products they have on offer. I'll definitely be buying 'Green Emerald' and 'Disco Mix' nail varnishes when they come back in stock!

September 11, 2011

Girls who play guitars.

Hi, my name's Rebecca and I've just started this blog up.. not sure kind of blog it'll be, fashion/make-up/lifestyle? We'll see what vibes I'm feeling. I think I'll start with a post about my Models Own haul, I know a lot of people took advantage of their 50% off sale so I'll share what I purchased too! Look out for it soon (once I've got the hang of this!) :)