February 23, 2012

Weekly Want #9

 Valentina Heart Ballet Pumps - Topshop £19

Summer can you please start now? I want to wear shortshorts and sunglasses and run around festivals in these pretty pastel pumps. I can't even decide which colour I want them in, maybe all of them if I start purchasing them now!

I'm so excited for Summer, I'm finally getting a holiday abroad in the sun (which I'm booking at the weekend and am already bikini planning for!!)  I'm planning some festivals and I'll be going dress shopping soon for a bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding, which isn't actually till next Summer, but she's already picked her dress (she's crazy organised!) and sorted so much already that I think she's missed her calling as a wedding planner!

Anyone else already planning Summer? I'm defo blaming the weather for my eagerness!


February 20, 2012

Creep on in

Creepers - Missguided £26.99
Okay, so I just ordered these, I think the leopard print swayed me on the decision but I've been weighing up a pair of creepers for a while. I don't typically wear pumps and the only pair I had were a Fred Perry pair that I literally wore to pieces but, I still won't chuck them away! Apart from my converse, I've not found a 'sensible' pair of shoes for a while, I'm all heels and flimsy flats, so I'm hoping these will be my go to shoe for running around in. I'll post pics when they arrive!

Are you all buying in the creepers ugly/pretty charm or do you just think they're pretty ugly?


February 18, 2012

Weekly want #8

As I'm a girl I'm a lover of shoes and no man will ever be able to replace that (unless large diamonds are in the picture) I'm a lover of every kind of shoe, 'cept kitten heels which shouldn't be a thing, and I love a pretty pair of flats.

These are both from ASOS, and will perk up any plain outfit. They're just too cute not to show off. I just need spring and the sun to come along to justify basically wearing slippers outside before I purchase these!


February 12, 2012

I don't even need your love


L-R Rockin' Around, Downtown, Merrily on High
I'll apologise for all the nail posts but here's another one!

I picked these Paul & Joe nail Varnishes in the asos sale (which I'm currently browsing for any deals, getting paid weekly is a blessing and a curse at the same time). I'd had my eye on so many cosmetics but thought getting nail varnish would be a safe bet, as always, and I'm pretty pleased I picked these out. The packaging on these products are to die for (the latest collection is cat themed, too cute to even think about!) and I think that is what what partly swayed me to part with my cash.

The colours are lovely, despite not being all that unique (I'm sure you'd be able to find nail varnish this colour at a much cheaper price elsewhere) and are extremely wearable, all are perfect day-to-day colours.

My Favourite has to be Downtown, it's a gorgeous peachy pink that wouldn't be out of place on Serena Van Der Woodsen's nails. It's classic, yet flirty at the same time.

I certainly wouldn't pay full price for these polishes but I was more than happy with them and the bottles just look amazing on my dresser!

Will anyone be purchasing any of the new Paul & Joe products, or have tried any others? I' love to know what you think.


February 11, 2012

Weekly Want #7

Striped Blouse - Missguided £21.99
Or wants, really! I'm after quite a few things from Missguided at the mo. Including these jeans, these leggings (an ode to Motels Jordan jean) and this dress is also on my list. It's a good job that Missguided is a well priced store, their prices are so cheap compared to come online stores and they have so much to choose from. I must admit I was apprehensive at ordering from them at first but I've been happy with every order so far (only two though I believe!)

On a side note I spotted this dress on Missguided which is an exact replica og one I got in the Ark sale for just £13.50 and managed to wear it once, with all the intention of getting some snaps for the blog but, it tore at the seam under my boob :( not best pleased but I think may have fixed it up, always good to have some sewing skills, guys! So there may be pictures to come, if I dare wear it again without the fear of it coming apart!


February 10, 2012

If you're a bird, I'm a bird

I stumbled upon Beaut Boutique whilst blog hopping, it's a lovely little etsy shop full of hand made Jewellery full of afternoon tea, woodland creatures and Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces, so of course I had to order a few things!
Now, I'm not a bracelet kinda girl but, I absolutely adore this bambi one, you can also get this in necklace form, I've got tiny wrists so bracelets can look a little lost or just fall off but I can fasten this tight enough for this not to happen. It's really cute and I just know I'll wear it all the time.

I'm a huge fan of anything quirky so the telephone box necklace caught my eye straight away and the bumble bee earrings are so cute. I was also pleasantly surprised to find an extra item in my order, the lovely bird earrings you can see above, always nice to get something for nothing! :)

I'll be looking out for any new additions, if anyone wants to check out the store you can here and you can follow Ruthy, who runs the store, on twitter for updates on items in the shop!


PS - I'm in love with this song right now

February 09, 2012

No, I'm not lucky, I'm blessed

With thanks to BuyaPowa I've got my hands on 'Save Me' and 'Metallic 4 life' from Nicki Minajs' collaboration with OPI, £12 for both of them (not including P&P) £10 cheaper than the rrp of £22 not bad, eh?

Metallic 4 Life is a black based varnish with lovely silver glitter flecks in it, it needs two coats as the black is a little watery and pale with just one coat but, I find this with most varnish with glitter in. Save Me is a silver glitter based varnish with strips of holographic glitter added in, its mesmerising! I'll be wearing this over other varnishes to make them really standout, I must admit it is a little 'teeny-bopper' in style but who am I to not let out the teenager in me?! I teamed it this week with W7's shocking pink, which you can see below, Barbie-tastic! (I think Nicki would approve this!)

 I've only just discovered BuyaPowa, through twitter, and I think it's great. Being able to buy brands that I'd never usually be able to afford, from a site you can trust, and as long as other people buy the product (by others recommending the deal by tweeting or facebooking about it) you'll get it at the lowest price they can sell it at!

I've got loads of alerts to come for co-buys when they go live, including the naked 2 palette (I think I may cave and buy it!) and a couple of Bobbi Brown/YSL products that I want to try out. Anyone else use BuyaPowa, what do you think to it?