January 29, 2012

In one little moment it all implodes

Out of all the dresses and all the hair and accessories and the thing I was most mesmerised with at the Golden Globes was Zooey Deschanels nails! So playful and quirky like the girl herself. I think everyone has fallen in love with her since 'New Girl' started but for many it was her role in '500 Days of Summer' that put her on their radar.

I love her look and style and had to try her tuxedo nails for myself so here's how i did them!

You'll need some dotting tools for this and simply black and white nail varnish
1.  Use a base coat on nails to protect them, then paint over two layers of a white polish and leave to dry

2.  Using dotting tools use a black nail vanish to make two V shapes opposite each other, try to makes these as central as possible, leave to dry

3.  Dot a circle in between the two V shapes to create the bow, now you can either fill in the bows to make them more triangular or leave them to be quite rounded and more of a feminine bow

4.  Dot three circles down the centre of the nail for the tuxedo button

5.  Paint the tips of the nail in black to finish the design and seal with clear nail varnish

6.  Now you have smart nails! :3

Hopefully I'll get to wear these at some point, I love 'em! Anyone else tried/going to try this design?


January 20, 2012

Reckless Serenade

SOOO, I'm a little late reviewing these beauties but, I've finally got round to it! I got these back in November when they were first released (wanted them that bad I ordered them the day they released them) and have been in love with them since. These were pretty hyped up in the run up to their release but I definitely think it was well deserved.

Despite the fact they lack the usual sparky Models Own names (see Juicy Jules, Emerald City etc) they more than make up for it with the nail varnish itself. They're sparkly and iridescent, what more could you want?!

My own stand out favourite is the Pinky Brown, the brown sheen toughens up such a usually girlie pink. It's pretty much a permanent fixture on my toes.

A close second is the Golden Green, I think it's tough to find a green nail varnish that isn't hideous in colour or just really runny and too thin. So kudos to Models Own for making such a lovely wearable green, mixing it with gold was genius.

If you're familiar with the collection you'll have noticed I didn't buy the Emerald Black, I really didn't like the look of it at all, anyone else buy the whole set and can talk me into buying this one too?

I am a little bit of a nail varnish whore and I do love Models Own so don't regret purchasing these at all, but I feel like I should try some other brands. Any recommendations for me?

L-R Models Own Beetlejuice - Purple Blue, Golden Green, Aqua Violet, Pinky Brown
As above
'Till next time

January 13, 2012

Weekly Want #6

Moto Flocked Ditsy Leigh Jeans - Topshop £40
Okay, so I've got a bit of a thing for printed jeans at the moment and anything touchy feely! Seeing as I've also got some topshop vouchers to spend I think I'll be treating myself to this pair, they're not in your face like the Motel Jordan striped jeans that I've been um-ing and ah-ing over for months. More suited to my taste in style for sure!

The topshop sale is still on and there's some great pieces still left, finally got myself the Glisten stud court shoes - only £30, so happy! Also ordered a lovely coat, it's been a good coat year for me I think I've acquired 5 new ones and all were on sale (except a primark number but that was so cheap anyway) yet I still don't have a black one, I've certainly got a thing against them by the looks of things!

Does anyone own the striped Motel Jordan jeans? I'd love to see how everyone styles them, I think I'd struggle to not look like part of a circus act.

Finally, I've had time to play with my camera so I promise outfit posts soon!

'Till next time

January 08, 2012

Summer came too fast

So my promise to blog more often and regularly after Christmas hasn't really happened up to yet! Buuuut I have lots of beauty posts lined up and a 'sale finds' post to share just need to sort out outfit posts and getting round to taking some pictures!

Speaking of pictures I got my canon 1100D for Christmas I STILL haven't had time to go and have a proper play around with it what with working over Christmas and gaining myself a lovely boy who I want to spend all my time with! So soppy I know, but I just can't help it, seriously he's perfect for me!

Keeping this blog going is definitely one of my 2012 goals. I much prefer goals than resolutions, means I can start them whenever I want not on the 1st of January, too much pressure in my opinion and I'm not gonna set myself up to fail this year! I might share with you what I'd like to achieve but again, so much pressure to make sure to attain them once people know! So we'll see how confident I feel!

I didn't get to spend much time with my family at Christmas but the time I did was lovely.

 My Mama (in the hat) kept on talking whilst I taking pictures which is typical of her!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas anyway, even though it's a little late.
This little blogger promises to blog more and more often, I've really enjoyed reading other peoples blogs over the past few weeks and that's something I want from anyone that reads mine!

'Till next time