September 30, 2013

You could save me from the way I tend to be

Top - ASOS / Skirt JW Anderson for Topshop / Necklace - gift / Boots - New Look
 Just a quickie today, to basically show off my favourite new thing - my fluffy jumper! It goes with everything, like this skirt that I've been struggling to wear as nothing just seemed to go well with it. I am welcoming the winter months with open (furry) arms now. 
I've been contemplating chopping my hair off, maybe get a jaw length bob? It just doesn't seem to want to grow anymore and more love for bleaching means that when it does it just snaps off or have to have loads off the ends when I do get it cut. I just want long mermaid hair now :(

September 20, 2013

Now it's three in the morning

Dress - Topshop / Shoes - Dr Martens / Necklace - Handmade by me

*Warning* Boyfriend appreciation post!
 As you can see, the blonde is back (and it's staying) and I've got myself a new pair of shoes! Or rather I should say someone else got me them, my boyfriend treated me to these for my birthday. I had no idea what he was getting me but I can say I was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped these and I know he went to so much trouble to get them, bless him. 
I can't believe I'm 23 now, urm where did all the time go?! I spent my rainy birthday at Alton Towers specifically to go on the new ride and guess what? It was closed for maintenance; just my luck. It's only an hours drive from where I live at the moment so I'm sure we'll get chance to go again soon and actually go on it.
I wore this dress for the little party my friends threw for me the night before my birthday, which was lovely, but one things for sure I think I've grown out of drinking! I just don't like it any more, I have noticed over the years that I don't need to be drunk to have a good time (I'll do dance my socks off anyway) and if everyone else is drunk then what do I have to be all shy and self conscious about when they really won't care at all!

Fast - Does it work?

In the past year alone my hair has been through a hell of a lot and all inflicted by myself. I've been blonde, then blue (which had to be removed quickly), then purple, blonde again, brown, browny red and finally blonde again. It's had its fair share of bleachings to say the least and I can't actually remember the last time I gave my head of a hair a good long break from dying.. since having it cut off and not being able to do much with it I took to dying it -A LOT. I'm sure many of you ladies out there will be able to relate with the whole 'my hair won't grow past a certain length' thing and whilst my hair has been growing fairly well during the phase of me treating it nicely, it's condition was still very poor. 
So, after reading a few reviews I decided to treat myself (with my boots points so no money wasted if it doesn't work) and see what the hype is all about. 
I got my hair cut and coloured it myself in preparation, so I think that's a good fresh start for my hair. I've been using it for nearly 2 weeks now and I can see a vast improvement in condition but growth wise? I've maybe got a couple of millimetres of root showing but honestly not a lot more than what I would usually have, let's hope it works it's magic soon! 

September 12, 2013

What's on my wishlist?


1. Teddy Fur Coat - I own quite a few coats but non of them are black... so in that case I need one! I've been in store and felt this coat and it is actually like teddy fur, so soft.
2. Boots - This boots kind of remind me of juju jellies?! Red patent and glitter heels probably shouldn't work but, this A/W needs some brightening up I think and these will do the trick
3. Tartan Skirt - I think everyone knows by now what the biggest tread for A/W is and at £22 you can't really say no to joining in. Now, this was sold out but is in stock at the moment so go snap it up quick
4. Playsuit - Black, floral, key hole detail, long sleeve, this doesnt really need any more explaining it's simple and very very pretty
5. Mesh Top - If you haven't already thrown yourself into the 90's trend or are maybe a little afraid of the thought of mesh, then this cute top is a way of easing yourself into it. It's very easy to turn this top from girly to edgy depending what you wear with it
6. Block Heels - Not very A/W friendly but anyone going away on holiday during the autumn months should have these packed in their case

September 06, 2013

As I arrived I thought I saw you leaving

Shirt - Primark / Pinafore - Urban Outfitters / Shoes - Primark / Collar Pins - Ever Ours
This pinafore landed on my lap after a sneaky Urban Outfitters sale binge (one that shouldn't have happened but, never mind), it's kinda school girl chic I feel and perfect for the summer/autumn transition what with all this tartan and check around for A/W. I must admit I did buy a a size up thinking it would be on the small side but it actually came up quite big, always the case, right?!
I'm currently sorting my hair out, I'm going back to the light side the brown/red/blonde mess was really starting to bug me, plus it means I got to catch up on Breaking Bad during the process, who's as hooked as I am?!

September 01, 2013

They never look to see me fly

Dress - Topshop / Shoes - New Look / Socks - Primark / Necklace - Empty Casket
I'm pretty sure I don't know how to smile these days, look at that scowl... This week's been another one of those weeks, I've been in and out of the doctors and spoken to so many different people (some helpful, most not) and in the end I have to have another trip to the hospital, yay. In all in honesty I'm not one of those types that goes to the doctors about every little thing and experiences like this make me not want to do so ever again but, after everything that's been happening to me I really have no choice but to seek help.
Anyway, I bought this dress to cheer me up and so I had a new dress to wear on a night out. The print is lovely but be wary of the fit, especially if you're a 'big booby lady' (my boyfriends words, not mine, bless him) like myself or broad shouldered as it is quite tight across the chest. I did stupidly try it on in a size 8 with hilarious results, it was most definitely stuck around my shoulder blades, a lot of shimmying and trying not to rip it ensued.