August 22, 2014

What to actually expect when you're expecting

Finding out you're pregnant is pretty exciting and very daunting at the same time. I don't think an pything can prepare you for all the change your life's about to go through but just try and take it all in your stride! Here's a few things that I think you should or shouldn't expect!

Expect to want to go crazy buying clothes; my advice is don't buy anymore than 6 sleepsuits and 6 bodysuits in each size, don't get fooled by thinking 'first size', 'newborn' and '0-1m' are different sizes check the labels for the WEIGHT that size goes up to most of the above will be up to 9 or 10lb. Buying loads of outfits for a newborn isn't worth wasting your money on, they'll either wear it once or get some poo or sick on it (trust me) I think a couple of nice outfits for when visiting family or a photo shoot is sufficient. Finally; make a list, then you know exactly what you've got and what you need to get.

Don't expect breastfeeding to be easy. It may be natural and the best thing to do for your baby, but your newborn doesn't know exactly what their doing and, if it's your first time, odds are neither do you. You've both got to learn and learning takes time and effort and sometimes, a bit of pain and frustration. If you're going to breastfeed persevere through those first couple of weeks, it gets better, if you're still struggling then ask for help and don't feel ashamed if you turn to formula, breastfeeding isn't for everyone. What works for one mum might not work for another.

On the same note expect most medical professions to ask if you're breastfeeding and to preach about how good it is for you and baby, but don't be made to feel bad for using formula, it still has everything baby needs. It's your choice and your child, don't let anyone tell you differently!

Don't expect everything to go as you've planned it. You make a birth plan and have decided exactly what you want but, as soon as you're in that delivery room it all goes out the window. Life doesn't exactly go to plan so don't obsess too much about your birth plan, when my midwife asked if I had a birth plan and my reply was 'yes, it's got to come out' she wasn't too impressed.. but, that was my way of dealing with the impending pain of labour! Try not to worry too much if it's not how you expected, whatever happens just think pretty soon you're going to meet your little one!

Expect alot of people to try and tell you what to do, asking for advice is one thing but having it shoved down your throat is not what you signed up for. Just nod and listen politely, even if you don't agree, as I've said before what works for one family might not work for another. 

Finally, expect to fall in love again and again and again!

August 13, 2014

A long silence...

Things have been very quiet here on Beckywhatshername and that's for one huge life changing reason..

Meet Noah! Nearly 6 weeks old and the sweetest little thing you'll ever lay your eyes on! So I guess now I have a little spare time on my hands (emphasis on the little!) I'll be back to blogging, but I'll be broadening what I write about to all things baby related seeing as this is what takes up most of my life now and being a first time Mum myself, I think it's nice to be able to give some advice and my point of view for others to read and (maybe) take something away from. Hopefully I can help out a little!