August 31, 2012

The screams all sound the same

It's Wally's birthday soon! He's turning 25 on the 21st of September and to celebrate Zatchels have teamed up with him and created three amazing bags featuring the man himself and two printed ones starting from £109 they aren't cheap but I'm definitely tempted to purchase one, with my birthday just around the corner I may treat myself! If you want one as well you can get them here but be quick as they're only available until the 30th of September! Which one's your favourite or are you not a fan?

August 26, 2012

Where do we begin; the rubble or our sins?

Shoes -  OASAP

Gosh look at me with my legs out! In all honesty I don't like my legs, way to muscley for my liking but I've learnt to love what I've got, life's too short to worry about silly things like that. Anyway, I've had these shoes for a couple of weeks and I'm so in love with them. They're from a website called reminds me of Romwe, you need to check out the shoes! You also get 20% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter, well worth it.
 The only gripe I have with these shoes is that they have the strangest fastening in the world, it's a kind of hook instead of a buckle even though there's a buckle on the shoe! Really strange!

But if you close your eyes does it almost feel like nothings changed at all?

Tunic - Topshop £38
I usually hate spending my money in topshop, I love the place but man is it over priced, but I couldn't resist this. I managed to get a sneaky student discount on top of course which makes it a little more worth the penny's.

I'm itching to change my hair colour again, I'm thinking of going blonde, I've been lighten before and think I could pull it off but I'd really love to be an ice white blonde or a silvery blonde. What do you guys think? 

August 16, 2012

Weekly Want(s) #25

Dress - £31.99 & Shoes - £33.99 both Missguided
Being a little naughty as I forgot to do my weekly want last week so I'm adding two items this week. This dress is perfect for Saturday dancing and I've got a thing for cut out details at the moment. Now I know these boots are basically Jeffrey Campbell rip-offs but look at the print, gorgeous. I'm already imagining what I can wear these with and at under £35 they're an absolute bargain. 

August 15, 2012

Things we lost in the fire

Dress -Topshop, Shoes - Converse, Socks -Primark
This is what I wore to pop out for dinner with my friend Helen, we went to ASK it was quite nice, sticking to my no spend rule I only spent the tips I made last night (which I wouldn't usually, as I'm a supervisor) and I got staff discount as it's part of the same group as Pizza Express. I'm becoming a fully fledged scrimper!

I absolutely adore this dress, I wasn't too sure when I picked it out but now I'm in love. This shape of dress is perfect, nipping me in at the waist, with a skater style skirt, cute little sleeves and a collar it was made for me I'm sure! I've got my eyes on this Topshop dress (for my birthday perhaps?!) and I'm super excited for my ukulele to arrive so I can distract myself from pretty clothing and spending dollar.

All these pictures are making me realise how awfully messy and dirty my room is. Need a spring clean and a lick of paint!

August 12, 2012

It scares you being alone

Dress - Ink & Paint via ASOS, Jumper - Topshop, Shoes - Primark (old)
You can tell I'm enjoying making doubles of myself, hey? Good old paint. I've had this dress a while and usually just throw it on with converse and a leather jacket but I needed heels for picture purpose as I've not got the longest set in the world. My hairs a right frizzy mess, I just can't be bothered to deal with it anymore but I hate having it up!

So, I've decided to have a no spend two weeks (on clothes and beauty products etc) starting from tomorrow. I'm being a little naughty and buying some gig tickets right this moment (Bastille and only £9 for a ticket - go see them they're awesome!) and a ukulele. I thought it was about time I took up a hobby and I must admit music is one of those things that I've always wanted to get back into, I gave up playing the violin a looong time ago, I'm even tempted to give singing lessons a try if I pluck the courage up to sing in front of someone!

August 10, 2012

Summer's in the air, Heaven's in your eyes

Dress - Topshop £26
Gosh. You know when you have one of those days? Well any the resultant of today is that I'm now on a shopping ban for two weeks to make up for all the ridiculous charges I've managed to incur and I think it's about time I got serious about moving out and manager my money better. I'm going to use the blog to follow my progress, I think it'll be a lot more helpful to see where my money gets wasted in black and white. 
If anyone had any ideas for get rich quick schemes then hit me up as I have car insurance to pay and an awful, awful habit that I need to give up on!

Anyway, here's a result of said habit. I originally went into Nottingham for some more trainers and came out with a dress and a T-Shirt from Topshop (someone ban me from there, please!). However, it is nice and flattering plus it's easy to just throw on and go and the print is lovely. Can't complain about it at all, except my boobs seem to be somewhat stretching the pattern across my chest - this is usually the case for most dresses I'm afraid. My hair looks awful here, I've just dyed it too it's ginger nuttiness again but I'm tempted to go with the masses and go lilac soon, I think I could pull it off (maybe?!)

August 09, 2012

Nice guys finish last anyway

Shirt - Topshop (old), Top - Motel (reworked), Shorts - Levis (reworked)
This is probably what I would have worn at the weekend had it actually been sunny at Y Not festival! I stuck with the shorts but layered up with jumpers, socks and jackets, luckily it only rained a tiny bit on the Saturday and Sunday but with thousands of people trampling through the fields it soon turned into a mud bath - my hunters stayed firmly on my feet all weekend. 

I must say that I had the best time there, my third year running and it certainly won't be my last. I'll be doing a little write up on the festival for a website which will hopefully get published :) I'd better get cracking with it now in fact.