April 28, 2013

Kiss me hard before you go

All of yesterdays sunshine must've gone straight to my head as I was prancing around the house in my highest clompy heels and white summer dress (from ASOS sale, a while back). The boyfriends been away for the weekend (Blackpool -  Lads weekend, I DO NOT want to know what they've been up too!) so I've been moping around waiting for him to come home, luckily (I think) I've had plenty of hours at work this weekend to keep me occupied. 

My room is on it's way to being finished, I find it so hard to keep it tidy! My next project is my dressing table which needs painting and some new mirrors but I just decided to book a holiday for 2 months time so bye bye money, dressing  table you will have to wait :(

April 12, 2013

You don't have my lovers touch

Dress - Ark, Shirt - New Look, Boots - Topshop
Long time, no see. It's been a good few months (again!) but what with moving house (again!) and having a full time job I just haven't had chance to even think about updating on here. So, a quick life update; I've moved into an amazing house with my boyfriend and my best friend, I snagged the awesome attic room with built in wardrobes that take up a whole wall of my room (FYI most of my clothes are away now and I STILL have space!) my room is no where near finished but I'm getting there I'm thinking of maybe doing a post on it once it's completed, I'm within walking distance of work now so I'm saving so much money on petrol, tomorrow I'm kick-starting my new fitness regime - I'm trying the 30 day shred and I'm getting the boyfriend to drag me to the gym!

This was just a little something I threw on to run around in doing boring adult things like food shopping and going to the bank and picking up parcels for my boyfriend zzzzzzzzzzzz, the boyfriend also reckons I can't wear every single item of clothing I own in a year, pfft challenge accepted!