April 26, 2012

Weekly Want #17

Tunic Topshop £20

How lovely is the print on this? The rib cage detail makes it's a little more edgy, I'm not entirely sure that I need this in my wardrobe right now as I need to stock up on summery things, but it's still nice to look at. All this rain is certainly making me want to go on holiday tomorrow and not have to wait another two months!
Hopefully now I've started work full time again the time will fly by, also snagged tickets for Maximo Park at the Glee club in Birmingham (obviously going to sneak a shopping spree into the day) in June, £14 - bargain!

April 24, 2012

Faster than the setting Sun

Hopefully this post should be going out to you as I'm working my first shift at my new job, nothing exciting but it's a change of scenery. I'm looking forward to pay day more if I'm honest, pretty much just so I can treat myself to the other two new beetlejuice colours!

I had to chose one out of the three as my budget is a little tight this month and I settled on 'Tropical Sun'. As you can see from the pictures above it's an orange/pink/gold mix, I think it would be better suited to a different name though, perhaps butterfly juice?! Perhaps not.. but it is a little prettier and sunnier than the older colours in the collection. 

I'm hoping it stops raining pretty soon so I can carry on painting some furniture and get to dying some clothes, super excited to try out dip dying on some jumpers that need sprucing up!

April 23, 2012

You know what it's like to hold the jewellers hand

Ear cuff - £2.50 Freedom at Topshop 
Unicorn earrings - £3.75 Freedom at Topshop
Spike necklace - £7 Freedom at Topshop
Didn't really know what to do with myself today what with all the rain, so I decided to head down to the little Topshop concession in my local Co-op, with it being a smaller store and not half as busy as the bigger town centre Topshops, I always find some absolute bargains in the sale and usually find what I'm looking for. 

I've been after some ear cuffs for a while and treated myself to the cross one above, they had loads of other styles but I think I'll nip in again in a few weeks time when they mark everything down again to a few quid and go mad!

Aren't the unicorn earrings the cutest and I'd had my eye on this necklace for a while but wasn't prepared to pay full price for it.

Anyone else get some Topshop sale steals or an item they had their eye on?

April 22, 2012

You won't ever put me out again

I'm an absolute sucker for Soap & Glory products, the packaging, the quirky names and the brand as a whole. After spending approximately 30 minutes picking various items up and putting them back, I settling on this, 'Glow All Out, Luminizing Radiance Face Powder'

I'm not entirely sure what it's meant to do for me but I use it as a blusher and then sweep a little across my forehead, nose and collarbones (where sun naturally catches you) it does give a nice glow to my pale skin. However, I can't say as I'd miss it when it's all gone or if I'd buy it again as I'm pretty happy with my Topshop highlighter and think that suits me much better.

Has anyone else bought any Soap & Glory make-up, should they stick to what they know or would you recommend trying their make-up?

April 19, 2012

Girl with a golden touch

Golden snitch necklace - Wallpaper Rose Jewellery  

I've been after this necklace for so long and finally treated myself to it! I've literally worn it non stop and the cute little thing even opens up into a locket. There's some absolutely beautiful stuff on the website you should definitely check it out

April 17, 2012

Weekly Want #16

Playsuit - Missguided £26.99
Its pastel, it's green, it's a playsuit and it flashes flesh - therefore I must have it immediately, if only someone would kindly lend me a tan, not sure my milk bottles could pull this one off :( 

April 16, 2012

Let the sun shine

L-R Ibiza Mix, Balearic Cool, Hedonist, Disco Heaven,
Beach Party

Models Own have done it again, after the Beetlejuice collection they had a lot to live up to and boy did they deliver! Perfect for summer, the Hed Kandi collection is full of neon and glitter, I'm currently rocking Balearic Cool and wishing for some sun and a sandy beach. 

The soul reason I purchased the whole collection was for Ibiza Mix, ever since OPI's Rainbow Connection hit the market there have been many polishes out to better it, and I must admit I think I much prefer Ibiza Mix to it. The colours in it remind me of mermaids and seashells and just looks amazing layered over just about anything, so versatile. 

Hedonist and Beach Party are not my usual picks with them being so neon bright but, they're great additions to my collection. I wore Hedonist on a night out and found that it actually glowed in the dark! Totally amazed with it in my drunken state haha.

I've also bagged myself a gold glitter now, I have every glitter colour under the sun except for gold and I have no idea why, but now my glitters are complete. What does everyone else think to the collection?

April 08, 2012


This is the result of getting up really early and not having anything better to do, plus no work for the day! This is the first time I've tried to do gradual glitter on my own nails so it's not the best (see my index finger!) I managed to be a little less heavy handed with the glitter on my right hand so they're a little more subtle, if pink and glitter can ever be subtle?!
I used Barry M 279 Bright Pink, Barry M Silver Glitter and some bows I got from eBay glued on with nail glue, I use nailene myself.
I hope everyone is enjoying their chocolate in moderation (or not) I'm just waiting for my Sunday dinner then I'm off to eat my weight in choccy eggs!

April 05, 2012

Weekly Want #15

Ankle Grazers - £38 Topshop

I tried these on this week after I decided I needed a treat after my trial shift for my new job (which went well, might I add!) and talked myself out of them, kicking myself now! I didn't go away empty handed however, I got this and a little pressie for a friend. Next pay-day these babies will be mine, don't care if they're more suited to a 10 year old! :)

April 02, 2012

I'm not giving up, I'm just giving in

Late night shopping is never a good idea, especially when you've had a bad day at work! Boots is my best friend and worst enemy, having 3 for 2 on a wide range of products meant I had to treat myself to some new lipsticks and a highlighter I had my eye on but, seeing as I had enough boots points to cover that little splurge I decided to treat myself to the Benefit Erase paste.

This is the first benefit product I've actually bought myself, I've tried samples from magazines but never had the guts to fork out for the products themselves. 

I've been on the look out for a good concealer for forever they're always either too dry and make imperfections look worse or too orange and draw attention to that spot I was trying to cover. But this 'erase paste' is exactly what it says on the box, the texture is creamy and smooths onto skin to cover up dark circles and blemishes.

Unfortunately, this isn't a product I could wear on its own as, despite it being 'Fair' it's still too dark for me. However, wearing foundation over the top helps to cover up the fact that the product is too dark for me. I would never categorise myself as fair, I'm pale and haven't got a problem with that but finding products that actually match my skin tone is such a pain. I'm thinking of trying Dainty Doll but I'm struggling to find anywhere that stocks it in-store near me. 

Overall I'm pleased with the product despite the colour, I'll buy again from benefit when I'm feeling flash, I've got my eye on the Porefressional primer. Maybe next pay day?!