September 13, 2012

Anything could happen

Dress - Primark £15
 So I have returned! I guess I ended up taking a little blog break and it's done me a hella good. It certainly hasn't curbed my spending but I'm taking a fresher look at it now, I'll be working a lot harder on the content and the layout from now on.
A little life update - I'm currently moving out of my parents home and into my grandmas old house so I'll living independently soon, how exciting! Also I've met a wonderful boy (part of the reason I abandoned blogging for a while - he takes up most of my time!) it's really crazy when you find exactly what you wanted when you weren't even looking for it and I'm beyond happy that I have. He's turning me into a hopeless romantic too, never have I ever thought I'd see the day!
Anyway onto this lovely dress, I picked it up in Primark  for a measly £15, I also picked up another dress and a playsuit but forced myself to put them back! I'm loving maxi dresses and skirts for Autumn - great for the transitional period between (the 5 minutes of) Summer and Autumn.
Expect to hear more from me soon and a blog sale update!

1 comment:

  1. Love this whole outfit, the dress is so nice for £15!


    p.s congrats on the new boy!