June 23, 2012

I've been saving myself for you

Image - Google
I do apologise about the awful swatch and the fact there are no pictures of me wearing the lipstick but my lips are so un-photogenic it's unreal. 
Anyway, I treated myself to this after finally finding out the exact shade Vanessa Paradis is wearing in the ad campaign (117 Magnolia ) isn't she one stunning human being, by the way?! The lady in Boots imformed me that they'd only just got the shade back in stock and that it sells quickly which meant I HAD to buy it - my credit card sobbed a little, trust me.
It's one of the most beautiful lipsticks I own and definitely worth the cash, if there's one thing I splash out on these days it's lipstick. I'm still yet to find that perfect one for dry lips though, this one's pretty close though.