June 08, 2012

Recent Purchases #2

I've been an awful blogger at the moment.. 12 hour shifts aren't that easy to work around and my few days off have been jam packed. Managed to get a little shopping done whilst in Birmingham on Wednesday before I got to see the awesome Maximo Park, best gig of my life, I'd seriously recommend you get tickets for their November tour! 

I treated myself to a few bits from Topshop, finally found a crop top that doesn't look ridiculous on me and fits quite well and got the swan print dress I'd been after online but had sold out, luckily they had an abundance of size 10's in the Bullrings' Topshop.

I also got myself a beautiful dress for my cousins wedding which you can find here or in selected Topshop branches, I can't wait to wear it, need some suggestions for footwear though, it's a little too long and I don't want to be getting stilettos stuck on the hem all day so I'm thinking wedges perhaps? Send your suggestions my way please!


  1. the crop top looks lovely, loving them atm x

  2. Love the crop top. :D


  3. That last corset dress looks gorgeous loving the lace detail its beautiful!


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