August 10, 2012

Summer's in the air, Heaven's in your eyes

Dress - Topshop £26
Gosh. You know when you have one of those days? Well any the resultant of today is that I'm now on a shopping ban for two weeks to make up for all the ridiculous charges I've managed to incur and I think it's about time I got serious about moving out and manager my money better. I'm going to use the blog to follow my progress, I think it'll be a lot more helpful to see where my money gets wasted in black and white. 
If anyone had any ideas for get rich quick schemes then hit me up as I have car insurance to pay and an awful, awful habit that I need to give up on!

Anyway, here's a result of said habit. I originally went into Nottingham for some more trainers and came out with a dress and a T-Shirt from Topshop (someone ban me from there, please!). However, it is nice and flattering plus it's easy to just throw on and go and the print is lovely. Can't complain about it at all, except my boobs seem to be somewhat stretching the pattern across my chest - this is usually the case for most dresses I'm afraid. My hair looks awful here, I've just dyed it too it's ginger nuttiness again but I'm tempted to go with the masses and go lilac soon, I think I could pull it off (maybe?!)

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