May 20, 2013

I'm still into you

Better late then never... it was sunny on a bank holiday?! This NEVER happens in England never mind in May! Me and my boyfriend decided to venture out in the sunshine for a bit and take some photos. Just my luck though most of the photos turned out to mostly be me doing a stupid pose cos I'm not really that comfortable with someone taking posy pictures of me or me talking, I kept muttering to myself so most pictures I was mid speech (note to self - just shut up) plus a million bum shots courtesy of the boyfriend...  
Alas I hope a lovely day making daisy chains and being a child in general (hence the get up) I'm not 100% on these dungarees any more, I got them a while ago from Miss Selfridge and I just feel they're not a great fit now. They're still good for running round parks in though I guess!

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