September 20, 2013

Now it's three in the morning

Dress - Topshop / Shoes - Dr Martens / Necklace - Handmade by me

*Warning* Boyfriend appreciation post!
 As you can see, the blonde is back (and it's staying) and I've got myself a new pair of shoes! Or rather I should say someone else got me them, my boyfriend treated me to these for my birthday. I had no idea what he was getting me but I can say I was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped these and I know he went to so much trouble to get them, bless him. 
I can't believe I'm 23 now, urm where did all the time go?! I spent my rainy birthday at Alton Towers specifically to go on the new ride and guess what? It was closed for maintenance; just my luck. It's only an hours drive from where I live at the moment so I'm sure we'll get chance to go again soon and actually go on it.
I wore this dress for the little party my friends threw for me the night before my birthday, which was lovely, but one things for sure I think I've grown out of drinking! I just don't like it any more, I have noticed over the years that I don't need to be drunk to have a good time (I'll do dance my socks off anyway) and if everyone else is drunk then what do I have to be all shy and self conscious about when they really won't care at all!


  1. Those shoes are absolutely lovely! So nice, I want a really similar pair in pink but soo expensive :( such a lovely gesture frm your boyfriend. Hope you had a lovely birthday xx

  2. The shoes are so cute! Love them :)

  3. Wow this outfit is so cute :). Your bf picked out some great shoes!