September 12, 2013

What's on my wishlist?


1. Teddy Fur Coat - I own quite a few coats but non of them are black... so in that case I need one! I've been in store and felt this coat and it is actually like teddy fur, so soft.
2. Boots - This boots kind of remind me of juju jellies?! Red patent and glitter heels probably shouldn't work but, this A/W needs some brightening up I think and these will do the trick
3. Tartan Skirt - I think everyone knows by now what the biggest tread for A/W is and at £22 you can't really say no to joining in. Now, this was sold out but is in stock at the moment so go snap it up quick
4. Playsuit - Black, floral, key hole detail, long sleeve, this doesnt really need any more explaining it's simple and very very pretty
5. Mesh Top - If you haven't already thrown yourself into the 90's trend or are maybe a little afraid of the thought of mesh, then this cute top is a way of easing yourself into it. It's very easy to turn this top from girly to edgy depending what you wear with it
6. Block Heels - Not very A/W friendly but anyone going away on holiday during the autumn months should have these packed in their case


  1. I neeeeed a topshop teddy coat!

    ps. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, find out more on my blog Lune Doll <3

  2. A wishlist is definitely a good post for gifts! Great idea you have given me. Lol. Love your blog.
    Thanks for sharing! You should check out mine, but it's not much yet.. I'm planning on reinventing myself. Good things will come! Just follow and see.
    Raven Rosie

  3. Loving the tartan skirt, this season we've all got to have a little tartan in our lives, haha! You have a great blog btw, fancy following each other?