October 25, 2013

What's on my wishlist...?

I'm sure everyone has found themselves on Missguided lusting after half of their site and then buying it as it's so affordable. This is just a small selection of my favourites, my actual wishlist on their website is huuuuuggggeeee

1. Velvet Playsuit - Purely because I'm getting rid of my denim pair and need a more 'grown up' replacement
2. Kimono - I've actually been drooling over most of Missguideds' kimonos, there's over 60 to chose from and all so very purse friendly. What's not to love?
3. Boots - My high heel habit turned into a boot habit instead (everyone's got theirs faults, eh?) these come in 4 different colours already and (don't quote me on this) but I'm sure they'll be stocking them in green some time soon?! At only £37.99 I can have a few different colours...?
4. Leather look zip skirt - This has been on my wishlist for sooooo long. Maybe Santa will treat me a little early this year? *hint hint*
5. Loop Knit Cardigan - This reminds me of those dogs that look like mops, in a good way. I can guarantee I'd catch all the threads on most things and it looks highly impractical but so so so good on.
6. Velvet Disco Pants - Every A/W I'm all over anything velvet, and these are a lovely little update on the 'disco pant' (which in my opinion are just a little too sweaty for my liking) and a little easier to wear than velvet leggings. Am I the only one who has trouble finding tops long enough to cover the dreaded camel toe? Velvet and camel toe can NOT be a good look, I'm sure


  1. the kimono and leather skirt are gorgeous, you've got some really great picks
    She Has The Eye

  2. I love the velvet dungarees & disco pants!
    becky xx


  3. Hi lady!
    I can't find an email address for you but hoping to invite you to the new Urban Outfitters launch party! Tweet me at @Primarktoprada and we'll go from there! x

  4. the velvet disco pants are my fave, i love missguided!xx


  5. Hey! I can't seem to find an email address for you but was wondering if you'd like to become a part of a beauty and lifestyle YouTube channel. You'd only be responsible for uploading on Sundays. Channel is growing and has close to 400 subs. Give us an email if interested! Thetropicanaseven@gmail.com