September 18, 2011

Nails for breakfast, Tacks for snacks.

Base colour - 17 @ Boots Fury, Spots - Barry M 136
Models Own - Juicy Jules, Barry M - Bright Purple (303)
Barry M - Pure Turquoise (295)

Ring - Miss Selfridge (£10)

I was hoping to do a piece on the jumpsuit I got delivered from Miss Selfridge yesterday, however it wasn't as I expected so it's being sent back! Never mind.. I also got the 'ring' in the above photo (not sure if it's got a more technical name?!) it is quite a statement piece of jewellery but I think I can pull it off with a simple outfit.

I'm off work at the moment which means I can have my nails painted, yay! So the first picture is my first attempt at Leopard nails! I really just wanted to try out the new 17 nail varnish i got, which you can get here, and it's really great, went on nice and didn't chip all that easily which isn't bad for £2.99. I've also purchased the 'Peacock' colour as well and that's a lovely iridescent green/blue. I only really bought the varnish so i could get a free lipstick with it as well (Shine on in 'Flirty') and it's the perfect colour for me, a dusky pink, exactly what I've been searching for :) There was a little confusion in boots when I went to pay for my items however, apparently the lip stick shouldn't have come free with nail varnish even though the voucher stated 'free with any 17 cosmetic purchase'. Turns out nail varnish isn't a cosmetic according to boots... anyway, after over-riding the till I thought the lady had sorted it all out, but she'd put the purchase through as a 3 for 2 offer, putting through 2 lipsticks and 1 nail varnish. So I got the nail varnish for free, but somehow only charged for one lipstick. All the wrong way round?! Might not seem like a big deal but the lipstick was nearer £5 than the £2.99 price of the nail varnish. After a bit of complaining to someone else I managed to get the difference back but I haven't got the foggiest what they were doing! Also, am I the only one in thinking that nail varnish is a cosmetic?! Or is it in it's own category?! I'll post some pictures later to show you what the lipsticks like (maybe I'll do a whole post on my favourites?)

Hopefully I'll be sorting myself out with a decent camera sometime soon, so I can do some 'Outfit' posts. In the meantime I'll be stealing my parents camera ;)

And one final thing! I'm on Instagram (as you can probably tell from the edited photos) if you want to follow me, feel free, @rebecca_jayne


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