September 25, 2011

Weekly Want #1

That time of year is upon us again, the time to purchase a new coat! It's not turned too cold just yet but, I think it's best to be prepared just in case we get a freak snow storm (it could happen!). So here's my pick; a beautiful camel coloured coat from Ark (the brand is Miss Real) which I think will go with all the lovely autumnal colours we're seeing at the moment and a colour and style like this will last a good few seasons so you'll get your monies worth and with it being priced at just £59.99 I think it's quite a good deal. The leopard print brings a little added extra to it aswell, I love coats that have collars like this or a nice fur trim round the hood or a checkered lining! I haven't seen it in my local ark yet so if they don't get it in I'll risk ordering it online. I can be anything from a size 6 - 10 depending on the brand and style of coat and there's nothing worse than a coat that's too tight.

Today has gone far too quickly already! Time to carry on cleaning (I'm having a mass clear out, I'm such a hoarder it's unbelievable!) and carry on with my knitting, I'll show you the finished piece when the time comes!


  1. I find it so difficult choosing a winter coat. They're a big investment so I have to make sure its perfect. Love this one.

    Helen, x

  2. I know what you mean. I've been wearing one I got from topshop two years ago everytime it turns cold, I spent that much money on it I can't afford not to wear it!

    Becky x