January 29, 2012

In one little moment it all implodes

Out of all the dresses and all the hair and accessories and the thing I was most mesmerised with at the Golden Globes was Zooey Deschanels nails! So playful and quirky like the girl herself. I think everyone has fallen in love with her since 'New Girl' started but for many it was her role in '500 Days of Summer' that put her on their radar.

I love her look and style and had to try her tuxedo nails for myself so here's how i did them!

You'll need some dotting tools for this and simply black and white nail varnish
1.  Use a base coat on nails to protect them, then paint over two layers of a white polish and leave to dry

2.  Using dotting tools use a black nail vanish to make two V shapes opposite each other, try to makes these as central as possible, leave to dry

3.  Dot a circle in between the two V shapes to create the bow, now you can either fill in the bows to make them more triangular or leave them to be quite rounded and more of a feminine bow

4.  Dot three circles down the centre of the nail for the tuxedo button

5.  Paint the tips of the nail in black to finish the design and seal with clear nail varnish

6.  Now you have smart nails! :3

Hopefully I'll get to wear these at some point, I love 'em! Anyone else tried/going to try this design?



  1. I saw her nails and instantly fell in love with them too. They are sooo nice. Love it

  2. This is so cute! I love love love Zooey Im only just getting into nail art these days, these are so cute!

  3. That's just too cute. I love it.

    found the route