January 08, 2012

Summer came too fast

So my promise to blog more often and regularly after Christmas hasn't really happened up to yet! Buuuut I have lots of beauty posts lined up and a 'sale finds' post to share just need to sort out outfit posts and getting round to taking some pictures!

Speaking of pictures I got my canon 1100D for Christmas I STILL haven't had time to go and have a proper play around with it what with working over Christmas and gaining myself a lovely boy who I want to spend all my time with! So soppy I know, but I just can't help it, seriously he's perfect for me!

Keeping this blog going is definitely one of my 2012 goals. I much prefer goals than resolutions, means I can start them whenever I want not on the 1st of January, too much pressure in my opinion and I'm not gonna set myself up to fail this year! I might share with you what I'd like to achieve but again, so much pressure to make sure to attain them once people know! So we'll see how confident I feel!

I didn't get to spend much time with my family at Christmas but the time I did was lovely.

 My Mama (in the hat) kept on talking whilst I taking pictures which is typical of her!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas anyway, even though it's a little late.
This little blogger promises to blog more and more often, I've really enjoyed reading other peoples blogs over the past few weeks and that's something I want from anyone that reads mine!

'Till next time

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  1. I know the feeling, I'm a big fan of goals rather than resolutions! I also know what you mean on the blogging front, it has been getting round to taking pictures that has been my downfall recently. By the time I take, edit, label and everything it takes hours!
    So don't worry I know the feeling!