July 07, 2012

Weekly Want #22

Necklace - Dixi £12 
So, I'm finally back! All tanned *cough*freckly*cough* from a week in the sun and thrown straight back into work, it's a hard life! 
This little beauty is from Dixi, I mentioned my love for their jewellery before and they've added a new 'Dreamer' range which is stunning, I must own at least one piece even though I actually want it all.
Isn't the weather hideous right now? Just booked tickets for Y Not festival in August and hoping it'll clear up for then, feel for anyone at T in the park getting drenched right now. Anyone got any festivals planned for the rest of 'Summer'?  
Also be prepared for more outfit posts, finally order a tripod and remote (which came today and doesn't work, boo) so I can actually take pictures :)


  1. I went to Y Not last year and it was a really good festival! :) Haven't seen the lineup this year but Im sure you'll have a great time :) the necklace is gorgeous too! x

    1. I've been the last two years and loved it both times :) I prefer last years line-up to this years (massive Maximo fan here!) but for £80 you can't complain!

  2. ahhhh this is a gorge necklace! itson my wish list now! xx