July 15, 2012

I want you to want me

Lipstick - Topshop in 'Tease'
I haven't blogged in over a week AGAIN. Grrr really need to sort my sleeping pattern out so I actually have time to blog. 
I got this lipstick a good while ago but totally forgot I'd photographed it (is it just me that finds taking pictures of lips the most awkward thing ever?!) I do love topshop lipsticks, they're good quality and long wearing even though they're a little more expensive than most high street brands.
Just got back from my cousins wedding and I'm shattered but can't sleep, yet again! I'll blog a few pictures later this week. 


  1. I can never get a good lip photo, it is impossible!

    That's a gorgeous lipstick x

  2. oooo such a gorge shade! topshop lippies are really nice!