July 22, 2012

It's a nice day for a white wedding

Thought I'd share some pictures from my cousins wedding last week, she looks beautiful doesn't she? She had such a traumatic week ahead of the big day, the hotel they'd booked for the reception went into liquidation and didn't tell them, how awful is that? At least have the decency to tell your customers what's happened! So they had 4 days to find a new venue so a big thank you to Lumb Farm for accommodating the wedding at such short notice!

My dress was from a branch of Rare clothing called Cocos Fortune which you can find here


  1. awwww she looks so lovely! I can't believe the venue did that, that is so so awful!
    did she get any of her money back?! I hope she had a good day though!



    1. Nope :( the company has no money to give them back as they're in liquidation and they didn't take insurance out as they didn't think this would happen. Was a very emotional week for them both for sure.