June 04, 2013

Till morning comes, lets tessellate

Shirt - ASOS / Jumper - Topshop / Skirt - Missguided / Boots - Topshop

Not very summery however, this was something I wore a while back when it was colder (add thick black tights) and went to a sheesha lounge with a few friends, if you haven't been to one before - try it. We usually go to The Factory in Nottingham, they do the most amazing milkshakes and it's all table (or sheesha) service and it's a nice way to spend an evening relaxing and mostly taking pictures of yourself pretending to be a dragon.

In reference to the title, go check out Ellie Gouldings cover of 'Tessellate' saxaphone goodness right there. I'm going to spend my evening gorging on curry and trying to purchase my holiday wardrobe (2 weeks to go, eep)

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