October 11, 2011

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong

Actual LOL at my face behind

Sooo, got my hands on some magnetized nail varnish. It's 17 @ Boots and I got three colours (Blue, Lilac & Grey) as it was 3 for 2 :) I've got the Grey on my nails in the above picture and I love love love it, such a cheap and quick way of getting an effect that looks like it should have taken hours. Good if you're not fantastic at nail art or don't have the time.

This is also such a nicer effect than the crackle stuff that's around at the moment, I just don't like it at all (my Model's Own Smash-up hasn't grown on me unfortunately!) I'm pretty bored so I'm studding anything I can get my hands on, which means off to eBay I go to buy more denim and studs before I run out.

Much Love



  1. Cool nails, I really like your burgundy dress in the post below btw!

  2. Thank you :) just spent ages reading your blog instead of sleeping, it's really good! I'm still such a newbie to this, hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon! :)

  3. WEEEEEEE Finally somewhere that stocks the magnetic stuff.. I am totes going to grab one of these, thanks for the heads up!

  4. I heard about that nail polish a while ago, it looks cool so I might have a search for it next time I go shopping! Cute blog :) xoxo