October 26, 2011

Weekly want #4

Topshop £34
Had to do another weekly want cos I mean, how cute are these babies?! I love anything with a cute print but these are ridiculous! They do these in a jean version also but, I think patterned and printed shorts are a lot more versatile, tights for winter, dressed up on a night out, bare legs and plain top for summer.

I need these in my wardrobe so bad! Might have to stick them on my topshop card (yes I have one but, I'm VERY sensible with it) seeing as i can't really justify buying shorts in October!

I'm heading up to Edinburgh for la weekend and can't wait, seeing as it's Halloween me and my friends are dressing up, we're being the living undead, being all gory and doing all our make-up should be fun :D I'll post a picture to show you how scary we look.

Much Love



  1. Can I be in the photo please? :) take a photo of each stage of our transformation! :) xxx