October 03, 2011

She prefers two lumps of sugar and tea

So yesterday was mostly spent recouperating from Saturdays nights antics (which means lots of tea and a trip to Mcdonalds!). One of my besties turned 21 so it would have been rude to have not gone out and celebrated! I had such a good night (probably something to do with all the alcohol I consumed!), and it was the busiest I've seen derby for a long time. I think it's good to let your hair down every once in a while and it was nice to not have to work a Saturday night as well.
No Make-up and stiil in my PJ's at midday :)

I got myself a new outfit, managing to do it on a bit of a budget for a change! I got a top that I knew I'd wear again again (one reason being that it's leopard print!) so therefore that makes it amazing value in my eyes, it was £16.99 from New Look. I'm really getting into anything that's leather and black at the moment! I'm still after the perfect leather jacket but my money won't usually stretch far enough for me to treat myself to one :( anyway, I saw this skirt in primark, unfortunately it's not leather but it's looks pretty nice for something faux and it was only £14, I know I'll wear it again probably dressed down for daytime.

Finally, I've managed to get myself some plain black shoe boots! These babies were £24.99 from New Look and these will be worn until they break! I have quite an eclectic taste in heels but can never seem to find a trusty pair of black ones that I really like and are reasonably priced, however these totally fit the bill. New Look shoes don't usually tend to fit me well, a 6 being too small and a 7 too big, but these are a 6 and fit rather well. My feet are aching from them but that's what heels were mad to do, right?!

P.S - That nail varnish is the magnetized one I've been harping
on about from 17, look out for a review soon!

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