February 12, 2012

I don't even need your love


L-R Rockin' Around, Downtown, Merrily on High
I'll apologise for all the nail posts but here's another one!

I picked these Paul & Joe nail Varnishes in the asos sale (which I'm currently browsing for any deals, getting paid weekly is a blessing and a curse at the same time). I'd had my eye on so many cosmetics but thought getting nail varnish would be a safe bet, as always, and I'm pretty pleased I picked these out. The packaging on these products are to die for (the latest collection is cat themed, too cute to even think about!) and I think that is what what partly swayed me to part with my cash.

The colours are lovely, despite not being all that unique (I'm sure you'd be able to find nail varnish this colour at a much cheaper price elsewhere) and are extremely wearable, all are perfect day-to-day colours.

My Favourite has to be Downtown, it's a gorgeous peachy pink that wouldn't be out of place on Serena Van Der Woodsen's nails. It's classic, yet flirty at the same time.

I certainly wouldn't pay full price for these polishes but I was more than happy with them and the bottles just look amazing on my dresser!

Will anyone be purchasing any of the new Paul & Joe products, or have tried any others? I' love to know what you think.



  1. i really like the nail.posts x3
    like the colours ..especially the red one
    nice post :)
    lg ;)