February 23, 2012

Weekly Want #9

 Valentina Heart Ballet Pumps - Topshop £19

Summer can you please start now? I want to wear shortshorts and sunglasses and run around festivals in these pretty pastel pumps. I can't even decide which colour I want them in, maybe all of them if I start purchasing them now!

I'm so excited for Summer, I'm finally getting a holiday abroad in the sun (which I'm booking at the weekend and am already bikini planning for!!)  I'm planning some festivals and I'll be going dress shopping soon for a bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding, which isn't actually till next Summer, but she's already picked her dress (she's crazy organised!) and sorted so much already that I think she's missed her calling as a wedding planner!

Anyone else already planning Summer? I'm defo blaming the weather for my eagerness!



  1. Oh my goodness those are gorgeous!



  2. Yes I cannot wait either, it's been milder lately yet Summer seems so, so far away! Those pumps are so cute, love the pink ones <3 x