February 10, 2012

If you're a bird, I'm a bird

I stumbled upon Beaut Boutique whilst blog hopping, it's a lovely little etsy shop full of hand made Jewellery full of afternoon tea, woodland creatures and Alice in Wonderland inspired pieces, so of course I had to order a few things!
Now, I'm not a bracelet kinda girl but, I absolutely adore this bambi one, you can also get this in necklace form, I've got tiny wrists so bracelets can look a little lost or just fall off but I can fasten this tight enough for this not to happen. It's really cute and I just know I'll wear it all the time.

I'm a huge fan of anything quirky so the telephone box necklace caught my eye straight away and the bumble bee earrings are so cute. I was also pleasantly surprised to find an extra item in my order, the lovely bird earrings you can see above, always nice to get something for nothing! :)

I'll be looking out for any new additions, if anyone wants to check out the store you can here and you can follow Ruthy, who runs the store, on twitter for updates on items in the shop!


PS - I'm in love with this song right now


  1. All this jewellery is so cute! We like the bracelet especially.
    We are new followers. :)
    JS xx


  2. Actually we can't follow because you don't have GFC!! Still check your posts though :) x

    1. I've put my GFC on the right hand side (didn't even realise I didn't have it on here, I'm still learning!) so you can follow now if you like!
      The bracelet is adorable isn't it? :)