February 11, 2012

Weekly Want #7

Striped Blouse - Missguided £21.99
Or wants, really! I'm after quite a few things from Missguided at the mo. Including these jeans, these leggings (an ode to Motels Jordan jean) and this dress is also on my list. It's a good job that Missguided is a well priced store, their prices are so cheap compared to come online stores and they have so much to choose from. I must admit I was apprehensive at ordering from them at first but I've been happy with every order so far (only two though I believe!)

On a side note I spotted this dress on Missguided which is an exact replica og one I got in the Ark sale for just £13.50 and managed to wear it once, with all the intention of getting some snaps for the blog but, it tore at the seam under my boob :( not best pleased but I think may have fixed it up, always good to have some sewing skills, guys! So there may be pictures to come, if I dare wear it again without the fear of it coming apart!


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