May 03, 2012

Because that's what you and I do, protect each other

L-R Electrify, Luxe and Lush, Stone Cold

As soon as I saw this set on Buyapowa I knew I had to get it (little bit hunger games obsessed to be honest!) and I'm so happy with it! The only thing that disappointed me was the packaging, I haven't posted a picture as it was so bland, I expected something Hunger Games themed but unfortunately no.

Electrify is a gold and red flecked glitter which you could imagine Katniss wearing after being primped by her team, this is probably the least favourite of the three but that's only because I own so many glitters and know how much of a pain they are to take off, so I'll be keeping this for occasions and for nail art only!

Now Luxe and Lush is the star of this collection, the iridescent flecks look great worn alone or layered with another colour, it's such a pretty glitter and not as in your face as most glitters

I was a little apprehensive about Stone Cold, in the bottle it looked like a couple of other polishes that I own but, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out as it dried to a lovely matte grey which, as the name suggested, looks like stone. I can't wait to wear this and most of all to see how well it wears.

What do you guys think of these and have you tried china glaze before? I've never tried them before as they're a little out of my price range but if they appear on buyapowa again I might treat myself again.


  1. ohh i really want to try these. I love the hunger games books and have been dying to get my hands on them. I've heard bad stories about buyapowa though.x

    1. I've used them a couple of times and had no problem but I saw Benefit tweet and say don't buy their products from them as buyapowa couldn't confirm where they sourced the benefit products from so if it's all legit or not I'm not entirely sure :/