May 05, 2012

Weekly want #18

Elephant print shirt - ASOS £35
I've been lusting after this for agesssss it's so cute and this is really over priced for what it is but I still feel like I need it in my wardrobe. Now, I've just done a sneaky Romwe order, never ordered from them before so hopefully I'll be pleased with yet another dress to add to my collection! I'm just replacing all the ones I've ebayed, oops!

It's payday soon and I have a wishlist as long as my arm, but I'd better restrain myself :(


  1. This shirt is too cute, I love that the print is elephant!

    Meg x

  2. this shirt is so much fun. i love anything with a fun print at the moment. i've been eyeing up a similar shirt in zara for ages trying to decide if i can justify the price!


  3. Awww this shirt is beyond cute, love it!