May 08, 2012

Recent Purchases #1

I haven't really had much money to spare these past few weeks but I'v still managed to treat myself to a few bits!

Dresses - both £7.99 H&M

These H&M dresses are strappy and shirt and flippy which will be perfect for when the sun decides to shine, until then I'll be layering them with jumpers and tights. 

Lipstick in 'Tease' - £8 Topshop

 I love Topshop lipstick and this one's a winner too, expect full review soon

Trousers - £38 Topshop

As for the trousers, after trying this pair on in Topshop and promising I'd  buy them when I get paid, they sold out in my size online and they're nowhere to be found in store, so I settled for the pale blue spotty pair instead. Which are certainly a lot more wearable but still just as cute!

Trousers - £14 George @ Asda

The Asda trousers are a complete bargain, they're a lovely print and fit for just £14! Expect to see me in these allllll the time


  1. Very jealous of those topshop trousers! I've been eyeing them up for quite a while now. You'll have to show us what they look like on! :) xx

  2. I plan on getting those Topshop trousers. How do you find the fit/what do you plan on wearing them with?

    Following your blog now!


    1. I'm going to try wearing something pastel with it and hope I dont look too daft, or perhaps just a simple shirt, I'm a 10 in topshop and they fit quite nicely, they sit quite high but I wouldn't call them highwaisted and I rolled the legs at the bottom as I think they look more flattering that way!
      And thank you! I will check your blog when I'm on the laptop :)

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