April 22, 2012

You won't ever put me out again

I'm an absolute sucker for Soap & Glory products, the packaging, the quirky names and the brand as a whole. After spending approximately 30 minutes picking various items up and putting them back, I settling on this, 'Glow All Out, Luminizing Radiance Face Powder'

I'm not entirely sure what it's meant to do for me but I use it as a blusher and then sweep a little across my forehead, nose and collarbones (where sun naturally catches you) it does give a nice glow to my pale skin. However, I can't say as I'd miss it when it's all gone or if I'd buy it again as I'm pretty happy with my Topshop highlighter and think that suits me much better.

Has anyone else bought any Soap & Glory make-up, should they stick to what they know or would you recommend trying their make-up?


  1. i dont think they would cater to my needs, not many companies do. but this looks pretty!

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  2. Hey hun, love your blog =] !!! I have bought the eyeliner pen from soap and glory and I found that it is actually a really good alternative to MAC, as oppose to some other brands that can sometimes be very runny, the S&G one is actually very well made so I think they are def worth a purchase! xoxooxx

    1. Thank you :) I might have to try the eyeliner pen I can never find a good one anywhere!

  3. The packaging and naming of their products is always spot on! I bet they have someone who's job is to come up with new names!! I like their eyeshadow stick pencils and want to try their foundation next :) x

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