April 08, 2012


This is the result of getting up really early and not having anything better to do, plus no work for the day! This is the first time I've tried to do gradual glitter on my own nails so it's not the best (see my index finger!) I managed to be a little less heavy handed with the glitter on my right hand so they're a little more subtle, if pink and glitter can ever be subtle?!
I used Barry M 279 Bright Pink, Barry M Silver Glitter and some bows I got from eBay glued on with nail glue, I use nailene myself.
I hope everyone is enjoying their chocolate in moderation (or not) I'm just waiting for my Sunday dinner then I'm off to eat my weight in choccy eggs!


  1. oooo they look lovely hun, I love the bow, cute!!!
    x x


  2. Really nice effect! The silvery glitter on the pink works brilliantly :) x

  3. Super cute!
    The bow's a lovely touch :)

    Rosie x