April 24, 2012

Faster than the setting Sun

Hopefully this post should be going out to you as I'm working my first shift at my new job, nothing exciting but it's a change of scenery. I'm looking forward to pay day more if I'm honest, pretty much just so I can treat myself to the other two new beetlejuice colours!

I had to chose one out of the three as my budget is a little tight this month and I settled on 'Tropical Sun'. As you can see from the pictures above it's an orange/pink/gold mix, I think it would be better suited to a different name though, perhaps butterfly juice?! Perhaps not.. but it is a little prettier and sunnier than the older colours in the collection. 

I'm hoping it stops raining pretty soon so I can carry on painting some furniture and get to dying some clothes, super excited to try out dip dying on some jumpers that need sprucing up!

1 comment:

  1. oh my goodness you have sold me on this nail varnish! its such a gorgeous colour!x

    sophie @ thesecretavenue.com