April 16, 2012

Let the sun shine

L-R Ibiza Mix, Balearic Cool, Hedonist, Disco Heaven,
Beach Party

Models Own have done it again, after the Beetlejuice collection they had a lot to live up to and boy did they deliver! Perfect for summer, the Hed Kandi collection is full of neon and glitter, I'm currently rocking Balearic Cool and wishing for some sun and a sandy beach. 

The soul reason I purchased the whole collection was for Ibiza Mix, ever since OPI's Rainbow Connection hit the market there have been many polishes out to better it, and I must admit I think I much prefer Ibiza Mix to it. The colours in it remind me of mermaids and seashells and just looks amazing layered over just about anything, so versatile. 

Hedonist and Beach Party are not my usual picks with them being so neon bright but, they're great additions to my collection. I wore Hedonist on a night out and found that it actually glowed in the dark! Totally amazed with it in my drunken state haha.

I've also bagged myself a gold glitter now, I have every glitter colour under the sun except for gold and I have no idea why, but now my glitters are complete. What does everyone else think to the collection?


  1. the Beach Party is a gorgeous shade! perfect for Spring, even though it's Autumn here in SA now. boo!


  2. ooo i love that orange colour... so great for summer xo

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