August 29, 2013

You came on your own, that's how you'll leave

Bag - Zatchels (Please excuse the hand and the chipped nails...!)
I was a bit of a bad blogger and hid this bag away for a good few months after I got it.. I snagged it in  the Zatchels sale they had a while ago and of course I had to get my initials on them! I did have to wait a while to receive it but with them all being handmade and due to the sale, I did expect it. 
When I did receive it I was very pleased with it, it's a beautiful pastel blue colour and now I'm going through a phase of wearing black it brings a little bit of colour to my outfits. It's beautiful quality and I've been after one for so long that I'm glad I took the plunge, so much so I now need another one.


  1. Oh I love it! Such a beautiful colour and looks like it was completely worth the wait! :) xx

  2. The colour of this bag is so lovely :) xx