August 22, 2013

You, my everything

Dress - ASOS via eBay / Shoes - Topshop
You know those moments when you're really glad you didn't buy something (which don't really occur that often) well I had one of them when I stumbled upon this dress on eBay. I very nearly forked out £45 for this dress originally and do you know how much I paid for it? £12, guys. I am one happy eBayer (or at least I was when the dress was eventually posted, a whole 11 days later, grrr) and I'm back on that bandwagon, why bother paying full whack for something when I can buy the same item someone has worn a couple of times at a fraction of the price?!  You can always find similar items if you can't find exactly what you want as well. You guys found any eBay gems recently?

On a side note, we're currently looking after some rats, Cece and Jinxy, although my house mate reckons they're both boys... They're really friendly and super cute, but now I'm adamant I'm allergic to them as I'm sat here sneezing with an awful runny nose, let's hope not because after they go back to their owner I really want one myself!

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  1. This is a cute dress! You look lovely x