March 13, 2012

Each subtle shade fell like a secret shed

So I caved and got the Naked2 palette and doing what every other blogger has done that already owns it and blogging about it!
The main reason I decided to purchase was the fact that I NEVER buy eyeshadow and when I do I pick up greys or purples and thought I could do with a set of neutral shadows and well, this fits the bill!
The next reason was the fact that I managed to score the palette from buyapowa for £26, bargain! However, when I received it it was covered in black dust, which turned out to be one half of my Blackout shadow, booooo :'(
Never mind.. once I'd cleared it up it didn't look so bad but it was still really annoying!
My favourites have to be Half Baked, Snakebite and Pistol. Which are you favourites and are you happy with your palette or do you prefer the first Naked palette?


  1. i want this so bad! :)


  2. I really have debated buying this, is it actually any good?

    1. The eyeshadows are great and last for ages but if you've already got a big collection of eyeshadows then I wouldn't bother but I use it everyday and I love it :)