March 08, 2012

Pumped up kicks

Finally got my hands on these babies! After trawling eBay for them, I told myself I would not pay £110 for them from Topshop when they were still online, I finally won a pair. Saved myself 50 squid so canna complain even if they are shop seconds I believe? Well whatever I'm in love.
 Managed a whole week of  not spending money on clothes which is a good job as my car has just cost me way too many pennies for my liking :( waaahhhh


  1. They look amazing! Well done on the lack of spending too, shame it has to go on the car.


  2. they look gorgeous! xx

  3. So in love...I NEED to find a good decent pair before this spring weather is over. My opportunity for boots season is coming to an end...this is just too cute.

    found the route

  4. These are absolutely gorgeous, but i agree, i wouldn't pay £110 for them in Topshop! I bet they look lovely on :) xx

  5. Love these ! When I worked in Topshop everyone wanted them ! Sold out so quick ! xoxo

  6. Awh I LOVE them !!
    Thanks for following, I'm following you now too :)

    Erika xx