March 02, 2012

R U Mine?

 I am so pleased I added this little gem to my ELF order last week, I've been after a mattifying top coat for a while and I couldn't say no at £1.50.

It looks a little like glue in the bottle and I wasn't getting my hopes up for a good result but as you can see in the above picture (top finger without topcoat, bottom with) it makes nails matte perfect! They feel so nice as well, can't put my finger on what they feel like exactly but it's nice! I'll be purchasing this again and trying it on all my shiny nails, it's a cheap and quick way to update your nails, especially if you get bored of them quickly like me!

I had so many packages to come home too this week, I've had to stay at work this week and I don't envy anyone that has a live-in job, it's so hard to switch off and get away from work mode without physically leaving the place. Needless to say I'm glad to be home! I'll blog about the rest of my ELF order soon!

PS How good is the new Arctic Monkeys track?! LOVE


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