March 23, 2012

To live doesn't mean you're alive

Hello Viva Glam Nicki! After spotting this lipstick doing the blogging round and always hearing how great Mac lipsticks are I was a little naughty and ordered a couple. I originally only put Viva Glam Nicki in my bag but a few other items crept in (not my fault, promise!) but all the money, yes ALL, from the price of this lipstick goes to a charity helping those affected by AIDs so this justified the price tag.
Anyway, onto the actual lipstick, it's a little more corally than I expected but I'm pretty glad that it is as I think it suits my paleness better that way, I find coral colours are a good contrast with my blue eyes too. The lipstick is a great texture really creamy and non drying which is something I have a problem with, must get to lush to buy some lip scrub, it looks yummy! I think the lipstick looks different on me than it does on most others, I don't think it looks like I'm wearing the same lipstick as Nicki is in the campaign if I'm honest but, I love it all the same.
If you're hesitating buying this, don't, just do it I'm sure you'll love it just as much as I do.


  1. That's a really gorgeous colour on you. I love Mac lippies, I've only discovered them recently. No looking back!


    1. Me too! It's an expensive habit though :(

  2. This shade look's gorgeous on you! Really want to pick one of these up :) x

  3. suits you. very nice shade, perfect for spring :)