March 29, 2012

Weekly Want #14

Dress - Miss Selfridge £39

This is so very very pretty and ballerina-esque. I can imagine it would make me walk with a spring in my step and swinging my hips! I'm such a little girl when it comes to dresses, I'm all peter pan collars and floaty hems!
I'm not feeling all to well at the moment so I'm dosing myself up with tea and chocolate, which doesn't seem to be helping all too much but medicine is icky and I really hate taking it :(
I've got a trial for a new job next week so fingers crossed I'll feel better for then.


  1. This is gorgeous I have my eye on the same dress but in pale pink for a wedding, think it will be perfect :) x

    1. I'm thinking of this for a wedding too! Great minds think alike!

  2. I love that dress! Miss selfridge have some gorgeous clothes!
    New follower :) say hi back? xxx

  3. Really pretty dress! Pretty sure I could quite happily just live in Miss Selfridge clothes x