March 07, 2012

I don't want to beg your pardon

Studio Matte Lip Colour (from top-bottom) Neutral & Coral
Lipstick In Classy ELF cosmetics
L-R Lipstick in Classy, Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral,
Studio Matte Lip Colour in Neutral
I splurged on a few items from ELF last week and picked up a few more of their fabulous lip colours. Their lipsticks start at just £1.50 and are really great quality for such low prices, I got the shade Classy which is a lovely, well, classic pink. The shade suits my pale skin which I'm really pleased about, although I seem to be lucky in the fact I can carry off a wide range of lip colours.

The other lip products I purchased were the Studio Matte Lip Colour in coral and neutral. I love both colours and how they glide on but with most matte products I found these very drying, not a good look! I'd still highly recommend these as at £3.50 each they're a beauty bargain and with a little lip priming you can stop your lips looking all flakey.

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  1. I love these colours!